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Vancouver Summer Program Central Office
University of British Columbia
Tel: +1-604-827-2957

South Asia and the Middle East

Faisal Beg
UBC India Liaison Office, New Delhi, India
Tel: 91 11 4606 1905

All Other Regions

Vancouver Summer Program Central Office
University of British Columbia
Tel: +1-604-827-2957

 Applied Science

Applied Science - Chemical and Biological Engineering

Marlene Chow
Tel: 604-827-3537

Applied Science - Civil Engineering

Kevin Veltheer
Tel: 604-827-5824

Applied Science - Electrical and Computer Engineering

Darla LaPierre
Tel: 604-822-5375

Applied Science - Mechanical Engineering

Amelia Pitt-Brooke | Heather Gerrits
Tel: 604-822-6584

Architecture and Landscape Architecture

School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture

Tara Deans
Tel: 604-822-3445 


Faculty of Arts

Frankie Zhong
Tel: 604-822-6898


Sauder School of Business

Ann Gilray
Tel: 604-822-9518

Community and Regional Planning

School of Community and Regional Planning

Dolores Martin
Tel: 604-822-5725


School of Dentistry


Faculty of Education

Caroline Li


Faculty of Forestry

Ana Curcin
Tel: 604-827-5195


School of Kinesiology

Carlos Cantu
Tel: 604-827-0318

Land and Food Systems

Faculty of Land and Food Systems

Roxana Quinde
Tel: 604-822-0181


Faculty of Medicine

Katya Leonardia
Tel: 604-827-1084


School of Nursing

Ellen Siu
Tel: 604-822-7749

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Ginette Vallée
Tel: 604-822-4139


Science - Chemistry

Sarah Chen
Tel: 604-827-2448

Science - Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

Ian Ayeras
Tel: 604-827-5284

Science - Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability

Gillian Harris

Science - Integrated Sciences

Mary Anne Lyons
Tel: 604-822-0548