Due to the continued impact of the pandemic and province-wide restrictions by the order and the direction of the provincial health officer, UBC has made the difficult decision to cancel the Vancouver Summer Program (VSP) for 2021.

Please visit our VSP COVID-19 information page to stay up-to-date on the program’s response.

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Since 1946, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at UBC has made a lasting difference in the health and well-being of people throughout British Columbia and beyond.
UBC Pharm Sci is proud to have shaped the education and expertise of thousands of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists whose work has improved patient care and pharmaceutical research across the world.

July 10 - August 10, 2021 Course Packages

The Discovery of New Medicines

What does it take to find a new drug? The objective of the course will be to answer this question introducing the participants to the drug discovery and development process. To do this we will start from the beginning, defining what we want our new drug to be, and then taking this new drug through each step of the drug discovery and development process up to and including clinical trials and approval. Each lecture will be devoted to a step of the process, with attention to the role of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and we will review these steps using case studies. In addition, participants will have an opportunity to visit the laboratories of a local research organization involved in supporting drug discovery efforts. By taking this course, participants will gain an active appreciation of the collaborative work that is required in the search for new therapies.

Personalizing Medicines with Genomics and Biotechnology

Today’s pharmaceuticals are remarkable in their ability to target specific cancers, infectious agents and other ailments such as diabetes and heart disease. Yet despite their effectiveness, these medicines tend to treat all patients as members of one homogeneous population.Next generation DNA sequencing is making the possibility of medicine tailored to an individual a reality. DNA sequencing can match your prescriptions to your genome. The integration of DNA sequencing with drug therapy has been a disruptive innovation, bringing the science of “big data” to medicine and pharmacy. In this course, we will explore how these and other innovations are revolutionizing healthcare and wellness.Laboratory Component: In the laboratory we will isolate DNA and decode the sequence of these ‘pharmacogenes’. We will then analyze these data to predict how we will respond to commonly prescribed medications.


Preferred background in Pharmaceutical Sciences or related fields. Intermediate English language skills are an asset.