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The University of British Columbia

When Plans Change

Learn about our cancellation, withdrawal and refund policies.

Course Package Cancellations

In some instances, course packages are cancelled due to insufficient enrolment, or other reasons. If this happens, students will be offered a choice to apply for another course package or to request for a refund.


If you, for any reason, can no longer participate in VSP and choose to withdraw after you have confirmed your acceptance, please email with an official withdrawal request along with a brief explanation for the withdrawal. 

If you have already paid your fees, you may be eligible for a refund.


General Refund Policies

  1. The application fee ($125) will not be refunded except when a course is cancelled.
  2. Refunds may incur additional charges and exchange rate differences.
  3. All refunds will be processed after the end of the July Session.

Refunds for Visa/eTA/Study Permit Refusal

If you are withdrawing from VSP because Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has denied your application for a Visitor Visa, Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or Study Permit, VSP will refund 100% of the program fee.

You must email within 15 days from the date shown on the letter from IRCC, before your program start date. Your email must include:

1. An official withdrawal request stating that IRCC has denied your application for a Visitor Visa, eTA or Study Permit, and

2. The official letter of Visitor Visa, eTA or Study Permit denial issued by IRCC.

Refunds for Visa/eTA/Study Permit Delay

If you are unable to attend VSP because you are unable to obtain a Visa/eTA/Study Permit before the program start date, VSP will refund your program fee based on the following terms:

  1. If you have submitted your Visa/eTA/Study Permit application before February 29, 2024 (VSP 2024 June Session) / April 4, 2024 (VSP 2024 July Session), VSP will refund 100% of the program fee no later than 1 day before the program start date (June 6, 2024 for June Session and July 11, 2024 for July Session). You must provide copies of official documents (e.g. confirmation from IRCC) showing the date which you have applied for a Visa/eTA/Study Permit in order to qualify for refund under this situation.
  2. If you have submitted your Visa/eTA/Study Permit application after the deadlines mentioned above, refunds will follow the general refund terms listed in the table above, under “General Refund Policies”.

Refunds for Course Cancellations

If your enrolled course package has been cancelled and you are unable to join any alternative course packages on offer, VSP will refund 100% of the application and program fees paid.

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