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The University of British Columbia

Fees & Expenses

Discover what your VSP fees includes, how to pay for the fees and how to budget for your Vancouver Summer Program.

Invest in the experience of a lifetime

The Vancouver Summer Program is an opportunity to invest in your future. Nurture your knowledge through enriching courses and countless opportunities for growth at one of Canada’s most prestigious and diverse universities.


The total cost for joining the Vancouver Summer Program in 2024 is $5,825 CAD and it’s comprised of two parts:

Application fee: $125 CAD, payable upon submitting the application

Program fee: $5,700 CAD, this includes course fees and materials, most activities, accommodation, and medical insurance. The program fee is due by the payment deadlines listed below.

Some VSP course packages include socio-cultural activities that are included in the program fee, while other activities are partly subsidized or come at an additional cost. For example, students may be responsible for the cost of public transportation for all off-campus classes and field trips.

Other Costs

Your airfare, meals, personal trips and personal expenses are not covered in the program fee unless noted otherwise.


Application Fee

The application fee is due immediately after submitting your VSP application. You will receive a link to pay the application fee in the application confirmation email. Your application will not be processed until we have received your application fee. A 4% (C$5) service charge will be added to the application fee in the payment portal to cover transaction fees.

Program Fee

You should proceed with paying your program fee immediately after receiving the acceptance confirmation email, which includes a link to pay the program fee. You will receive your Letter of Acceptance (LoA) AFTER we have received your program fee payment. Your enrolment will be withdrawn and no refunds to the application fee will be made if you do not pay your program fee by:

VSP 2024 June Session: April 12, 2024
VSP 2024 July Session: May 17, 2024

A 4% (C$228) service charge will be added to the program fee in the payment portal to cover transaction fees.

Payment Instructions

Click here for details and instructions for making a payment.

Scholarships and Bursaries

Currently, the University of British Columbia is unable to provide scholarships or bursaries for the Vancouver Summer Program.

Sample Budget

Cost of living depends on your individual situation, but these general guidelines will give you a sense of what to budget for during your four weeks with the Vancouver Summer Program. Remember – accommodation and insurance are included in the program fee.

Estimated living costs (in CAD) for the Vancouver Summer Program (for one person):

Food: $300-$800

This is for groceries, meals and restaurants. Vancouver is a multicultural city with people and cuisine from around the world. Most VSP residences include a shared kitchen so you and your friends can take turns showcasing your culinary skills!

Personal and household expenses: $100-$200

Allow some money for personal care like laundry and toiletries.

Entertainment: $100-$500

You’re here to have a good time! Keep some money aside for fun things that aren’t in the program already, like shopping, concerts, and attractions.

Phone and data: $40-$100

Being away from home means making sure you have everything you need to stay in touch. Budget for cell phone plans and internet access off-campus.

Transportation: $105-$300

Allow budget for exploring Vancouver and beyond—using transit, taxis, and ride share apps (Uber, Lyft, Kabu and others).

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