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The University of British Columbia

Category: VSP Campus Spotlight

Campus Spotlight – “Hidden Gems” of UBC Vancouver

You’ve probably visited or heard about some of UBC’s most iconic places, such as the Rose Garden or the Irving K. Barber library. But did you know that UBC has its own skatepark? How about a botanical garden on campus? In this blogpost, we want to show you some of the “hidden gems” on campus so that you can explore UBC to the fullest!

Popular Food Places on Campus

When you are visiting a new place for the first time, discovering and trying local food in the area is always a highlight! At UBC, we are thankful to be surrounded by an array of different cuisines and food choices on and near to campus. Here is a sneak peek of what you can look forward to when you are here!

Iconic buildings from UBC’s 100+ years history

Since its establishment in 1925, UBC has grown into an expansive university campus with state-of-the-art facilities. Nevertheless, some of UBC’s original structures are still being used today. Learn more about UBC’s rich architectural history in our latest blog!

6 On-Campus Cafes to Meet Your Friends or Study At

In need of your daily dose of caffeine? Don’t worry, UBC has tons of cafes located throughout the campus! To help you decide which coffee shop to visit first, here are our favourite cafes on campus.

6 Awesome Spaces to Study on the UBC Vancouver Campus

UBC is known for its beautiful campus. Even if you’re just looking for somewhere to catch up on readings, there are tons of spots to choose from. Here are some of the VSP Team’s favourite spots.

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