Have you ever considered studying at the University of British Columbia? Maybe you are an international student attending school in another country and you are curious about the education in Canada. As one of Canada’s top three universities, and a top-ranking university globally, UBC has many opportunities and resources available to students. In addition, UBC aims to inspire you to create change in the world. It’s time to put UBC on your radar and learn more about the unique experiences that lie in store!

Being a student at UBC allows you to connect with faculty members who are experts in their respective fields. From lectures, labs, and a variety of academic opportunities, you can expect high-quality education as you learn alongside your peers. UBC’s available resources to students also ensure that you have the support needed to make the best out of your time at this globally renowned institution.

UBC offers more than just an education and academic experiences. Located on the west coast of Canada, the Vancouver campus is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Coastal Mountains, creating one of the most picturesque campuses in the world. Just a walk away from your classes are green forests, long beaches, and stunning views of a sunset or sunrise. Additionally, UBC is a leading institution known for its commitment to sustainability and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. UBC actively engages in research, education, and initiatives that align with SDGs, addressing global challenges and fostering a culture of sustainability on campus.

As an international student at UBC, you will feel at home within the university’s diverse and inclusive community. With over a quarter of the student population being international students, you will be able to connect with peers from around the world. Cultural clubs and international festivals on campus also provide numerous opportunities for students to participate in socio-cultural activities.

If you are interested in learning more about UBC and attending UBC’s Vancouver Summer Program, the application period for the 2024 program begins on November 20, 2023; we look forward to receiving your application!