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The University of British Columbia


VSP faculty spotlight #3: Exploring UBC Engineering with student Ahijit Banerjee

This blogpost, by Ahijit Banerjee, is a great guideline for what VSP Engineering can expect from their month at UBC.

VSP faculty spotlight #2: A day in the life of UBC business student Jeffrey Low

This blogpost, by current UBC Business student Jeffrey Low, is a great guideline for what VSP Business students can expect from their month at UBC.

VSP faculty spotlight #1: A day in the life of UBC Nursing student Cathy Zhu

Read this blogpost to learn more about Cathy Zhu, a current UBC Nursing student, as a sneak peek into the upcoming VSP 2023 Nursing experience.

VSP FAQ #1: Common questions about applications

The VSP 2023 application period started Nov. 15. This FAQ is perfect to get the answers to any application-related questions you might have.

VSP Feature: UBC Through the Eyes of VSP Staff

UBC holds unique significances to each individual; when combined, this creates a holistic view of our institution, and interested students can use this as a great reference point as they consider starting their UBC experience. Read this blogpost to learn more about what UBC means to some of its staff members – specifically UBC VSP staff!

Campus Culture: How UBC’s Thunderbird Nickname Came to Be

UBC’s Thunderbird mascot has a long and meaningful history, yet not many people know of that. Learn the creation of our institution’s iconic nickname in this blogpost!

Post-VSP 2022: Program Highlights & What Now?

And…that’s a wrap for VSP 2022! We hope everyone had an amazing time in the program! In this blogpost, let’s reflect on how VSP went as we showcase some program highlights in our time together. Take this as a “letter” from the VSP team to you.

Campus Spotlight – “Hidden Gems” of UBC Vancouver

You’ve probably visited or heard about some of UBC’s most iconic places, such as the Rose Garden or the Irving K. Barber library. But did you know that UBC has its own skatepark? How about a botanical garden on campus? In this blogpost, we want to show you some of the “hidden gems” on campus so that you can explore UBC to the fullest!

Vancouver Showcase: Indoor Things To Do In Metro Vancouver In the Summer

We got our outdoor enthusiasts covered in our last blog post as we shared exciting things you can do in your time in the outdoors in Vancouver. For this blogpost, we are dedicating it to those who prefer to keep it cool indoors. From enjoying art showcases at the Vancouver Art Gallery to laser tag, check out this blogpost for some inspiration!

Vancouver Showcase: Outdoor Things To Do In Metro Vancouver In the Summer

It is called “Beautiful British Columbia” for a reason. We have the mountains, oceans, and trees! As it gets warmer in Vancouver, we recommend taking the time to explore what our gorgeous city has to offer. Even if you are not a big fan of extraneous physical activity, there is still something for you to enjoy in the outdoors of Metro Vancouver!

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